Kuruma Marthudunera Limited Implementation and ongoing executive support

RPM were contracted to provide the implementation service for Kuruma Marthudunera Ltd, the trustee for the K&M People's Charitable and Direct Benfits Trust. RPM managed the recruitment of the Executive office staff, which included the recruitment of the first Traditional owner Executive Officer. RPM provided ongoing assistance and mentoring to the incoming Executive officer for a period of 18 months as agreed and requested by the Board.

RPM worked with KML staff to ensure that KML had an independent and fully functioning office to act as the point of contact between the K&M People and KML, and commence the implementation of projects and continue the distribution of benefits. Over time, KML have been able to take over all functions and responsibilities and are successfully assisting the K&M People through the professional management of their trusts. RPM continue to provide specific assistance to the Executive Officer on particular projects when requested, including project governance and compliance assistance.