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Martu Trust School Holiday Program

Martu People Limited's flagship program is the delivery of a school holiday programs across 6 remote Martu communities in the Western Desert

Wajarri Yamatji Murchison Radio-Astronomy Observatory Agreement

Design Development and Implementation of the Corporate Structure for the Murchison Radio Astronomy Agreement

Martu Mobility Study

A BHP Billiton funded project with over 300 individual Martu People interviewed and 40 projects developed.

Ngarluma Tharndu Karrungu Maya Limited

Implementation of the Benefit Management Structure from multiple agreements and resource companies acting chief executive officer, and support for the corporation and trust.

Kuruma Marthudunera Limited Implementation and ongoing executive support

Implementation of the Benefit Management Structure from the Rio Tinto Iron Ore Agreement

Argyle Diamond Mine Participation Agreement - Rio Tinto

Implementation of the Argyle Diamond Mine Agreement with the Mirriwoong and Gija people.